The PERIPHERALS section of the controls panel allows you to manage FarmBot’s peripherals and control them in real-time with toggle switches and sliders.

Creating peripherals

To create a new peripheral, press EDIT, and then the button. Provide a Name, Select a pin , and choose Digital or Analog to define the peripheral. Pressing STOCK will add all of the standard peripherals included with your FarmBot kit.

Pin numbers are required and must be unique.

When finished editing, press SAVE.

Controlling peripherals

Manual control

You can press a toggle switch to manually control digital peripherals when FarmBot is connected and idle. If FarmBot is disconnected or busy, pressing a toggle switch will have no effect. Refer to the table below for all possible states of the toggle switches.

When a toggle is The peripheral’s state is Clicking the toggle will
ON ON Turn the peripheral OFF
OFF OFF Turn the peripheral ON
Unknown Turn the peripheral OFF
ON ON Not have any effect (FarmBot is busy)
OFF OFF Not have any effect (FarmBot is busy)
Unknown Not have any effect (FarmBot is not connected)

Analog peripherals can be controlled with the sliders when FarmBot is connected and idle.

Sequence based control

You can also control peripherals from sequences by using the Control Peripheral command. For more information, see the control peripheral command documentation.

Deleting peripherals

To delete a peripheral, press edit and then the peripheral’s button. Finish editing by pressing back.

You cannot delete a peripheral that is in-use by a sequence.

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