The next pages include detailed information for all of the commands you can use in a sequence, organized by category. When using the web app, hover over the icon in the top right of any sequence step to view quick-access usage information.

Move Move FarmBot’s X, Y, and Z axes to various locations
Find home Use FarmBot’s stall detection features to find the home position
Set home Manually set the home position
Find axis length Use FarmBot’s stall detection features to find the length of an axis
Control servo Set the angle of a servo
Peripherals and Sensors  
Control Peripheral Control FarmBot’s peripherals such as the solenoid valve
Toggle Peripheral Toggle FarmBot’s peripherals
Read Sensor Read sensors such as the soil moisture sensor
Image Processing  
Take Photo Takes a photo using the FarmBot’s camera
Detect Weeds Takes a photo and detects any weeds in view
Measure Soil Height Takes several photos and calculates the average height of the soil in view
Wait Pauses sequence execution for the specified amount of time
If Statement Evaluates a condition and then executes a subsequence
Mark as Updates the properties of plants, points, weeds, and more
Send Message Sends a message to any number of available channels such as email
E-stop Emergency stops FarmBot
Reboot Reboots FarmBot
Shutdown Shuts FarmBot down
Assertion Tests if a condition is true or false for automated testing purposes
Lua Execute Lua code fragments for custom advanced functionality


In addition to adding individual commands to a sequence, you can also add subsequences. This allows you to re-use smaller, simpler sequences in different combinations to create far more complex, larger sequences that are easier to manage and modify later because of their modularity.

For example, you could make a sequence to Mount the watering nozzle, another sequence to Water the plant, and a third sequence to Unmount the watering nozzle. Then, in a new sequence, you could add all three of these sequences to execute all the steps needed to take care of a plant.

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