Adding multiple variables

Sequences are not limited to a single variable. To add additional variables click the button in the VARIABLES section of the sequence editor, followed by the variable type desired or select Add new in a sequence step dropdown.

When adding new externally defined variables to a sequence you have been using in other sequences, regimens, or events, it is highly recommended to add DEFAULT VALUES for the new variables. This will allow FarmBot to run the sequence in the existing sequences, regimens, and/or events using the default values.

If you opt to not provide a default value (selecting “None”), then you will need to explicitly define the variable in all other sequences, regimens, and/or events where the sequence is already being used. If you do not provide a value then the sequence will fail when it runs.

Removing variables

To remove a variable, click the icon.

Only unused variables can be removed.

Renaming variables

To keep track of what each variable is used for, click the variable’s title to add a custom name.

Variables cannot be renamed once in-use by sequence commands, so do the naming up-front.

Multiple externally defined variables

All Externally defined variables will be displayed in the run button popup, execute steps, and all other places where you can provide a value for an externally defined variable.

Only one group variable is allowed per sequence

When FarmBot runs a sequence with a group variable, it will actually execute the sequence multiple times - once for each member of the group. If a sequence had more than one group variable, it would not be clear what order FarmBot should execute the sequence in. Thus, at this time, multi-group execution is not allowed.

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