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If you would like to create custom locations in your garden for FarmBot to travel to that are not plants, tool slots, or the home location, you can use points. Example uses of the points feature include:

  • Points for FarmBot to move to that are out of the way when you’re harvesting
  • Points in each corner of the bed to serve as alternative “home” positions
  • Points for FarmBot to travel to for daily photos

Adding points

To add points, click the button in the points panel. This will open the add point panel where you can add individual points or create a grid of points.

empty points panel

Individual points

To add an individual point to the map, provide a name, color, X and Y coordinates, and radius. Alternatively you can click and drag in the map to define the coordinates and radius. Then click SAVE to save the point.

add new point

Grid of points

To add a grid of points to the map, provide the name, color, and radius for all of the points in the upper portion of the panel. Then provide the grid’s STARTING X and Y coordinates and the # OF POINTS and SPACING in each direction. Press PREVIEW to preview the grid in the map. If you are satisfied, then press SAVE.

add point grid

Toggling CAMERA VIEW AREA ON will show the camera’s field of view in the map when the FarmBot is located at each point in the grid. This is useful when creating grids for photographing large areas of the garden.

add point grid with camera fov

Editing points

To edit a point, click it in the points list or in the map (when the points panel is opened). This will open the edit point panel, allowing you to change anything about the point. Changes will be saved when you press the button.

points panel with point hovered

Moving to a point

There are two ways to move FarmBot to a point. The first way is by clicking MOVE DEVICE TO LOCATION from the edit point panel.

edit point panel with move to button

The second way is from sequences. Simply select the point from the dropdown in a Move To command or location variable.

move to point sequence step

Deleting points

To delete a point, click on it to open up the edit point panel. Then press the DELETE button.

Points cannot be deleted if they are in-use by any sequences, regimens, or events.

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