FarmBot Software


Step-by-step instructions for configuring FarmBot

Configuration requires a web app account

To complete configuration, you must have a verified web app account. See instructions for creating and verifying an account here.

Configurator is a piece of software built into FarmBot OS that makes it easy to connect your FarmBot's Raspberry Pi to a WiFi network and to your FarmBot web app account. You will not ever need to connect a keyboard and screen to the device or SSH into the device over an ethernet connection.

Configure FarmBot

When the device boots up, it automatically starts up Configurator. Configurator checks for configuration data. Initially, there will not be any configuration data, so the device will not be able to connect to your home WiFi network or your FarmBot Web App account. In this case, Configurator will create its own WiFi network with an SSID named farmbot-xxxx (x representing numeric and letter symbols).

Step 1: Connect to Configurator

  1. Using your phone or laptop, connect to the farmbot-xxxx WiFi network.
  2. Open up a web browser and navigate to, to access the Configurator page.

If you are using a smartphone you may need to disable cellular data to allow your phone's browser to connect to the configurator.

If you experience a site connection error in the browser, try navigating to instead of

Step 2: Enter credentials

From here, follow the on-screen form to enter:

  • Network connection type: Select wireless (WiFi network) or wired (Ethernet) by pressing the corresponding icon. (For network interface name and mac address, press the info () icon.)
    • For connection to a WiFi network:
      1. Select the name (SSID) of the network you would like your FarmBot to normally connect to (for example, your home WiFi network). Alternatively, enter the name of the WiFi network in the manual input box.
      2. Enter the password for the WiFi network. (For other network settings, such as DNS or IP assignment, press ADVANCED SETTINGS.)
    • For connection to a wired network:
      1. If you need to input additional network settings, such as DNS or IP assignment, press ADVANCED SETTINGS. Otherwise, press the NEXT button.
  • Hardware board / kit version. Use the dropdown menu to choose the firmware version to install based on what electronics were included with your FarmBot.
FarmBot Version
Electronics Board
Firmware Name

Genesis v1.2


RAMPS (Genesis v1.2)

Genesis v1.3


Farmduino (Genesis v1.3)

Genesis v1.4


Farmduino (Genesis v1.4)

  • The username and password for your Web App account. If you are self-hosting the web application on your own servers, replace "" with your custom server URL (advanced).

Step 3: Submit configuration

Now press FINISH. FarmBot OS will now attempt to connect to the WiFi network and Web App account provided. This will close the connection from your device to FarmBot OS, so the configuration screen will disappear.

Step 4: Check to see if FarmBot is online

  • Use your phone, tablet, or laptop to connect to your home WiFi network.
  • Navigate to and watch the status ticker to see when FarmBot comes online and begins sending messages. This should happen within 2 minutes of completing configuration.
  • Once FarmBot is initialized, try pressing the SYNC button or one of the manual movement arrow buttons. You should see FarmBot responding to your commands and sending back messages.

If there is a problem with the configuration, such as a password is wrong, then FarmBot Configurator will restart and you will see the farmbot-xxxx WiFi network again. If this happens, try configuring again or consult the troubleshooting guides.